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Friday, August 10, 2007 


I was just going to leisurely post this article on here and not write much else. However, I've got so many feelings running through my mind, I feel it necessary to release some of them here. It's gonna be all over the place, so just deal with some stream of consciousness type of writing.

The irony in being on the cover of this magazine isn't lost on me...

Much has been spoken to me already today about this insightful article in New York Magazine. It's in regards to Bravo Network's reality show contestants and their lives after their 15 minutes of fame. After reading this piece, I took more time than usual today to reflect on all the beautiful things that I have in my life, as opposed to all the things that I don't have. I really feel that most of the designers I'm close with are doing very well in the advent of being on the show. But I can also sympathize for those that are not doing as well. Why it takes hearing about someone else's misfortune to remind you of your own vulnerabilities?

Building both a reputation and a business is, in a nutshell, what has occupied my time since Project Runway. I've achieve a great deal of success and I've cultivated professional freedom and leverage through my exposure and celebrity. Having taken the risk to participate in the show allowed me to partake in many opportunities I would likely not have had. Maybe some have changed their minds about the decision they'd made by going on the show. For me, no question, I would do it all again, no regrets! There's always going to be a downside to everything. Even at my favorite work place experience there were a few assholes I had to deal with. That's how it goes!

My life is no fantasy, but it is also plenty dislocated from reality- that I can tell the "Before" from the "After."

I struggle still to this day with things. I probably will struggle in some way all my life!

Staying true to myself, only taking on projects that inspire me, and going to bed happy have been major guidelines for my life after the show. Others might have a completely different agenda. Cool, whatever floats your boat. Sure, it's in my nature to never be satisfied, to never be content, but I also know that anything worth having the right way, is worth waiting for the time it takes to make it happen as well. It's a constant see-saw in my brain weighing out my own effectiveness. I also know that my plans and ambitions are no small feat, but I can't help but push myself.

I'm my own worst critic. So regardless of how much I've accomplished thus far, I feel like I've done nothing yet.

It's only knowing where I've come from and what I've achieved in my life that is comforting when I'm speeding through my days.

Dealing with so many new variables as well as old habits that I'm trying to decipher - keeps me distracted and at the same time focused.

Evolving involves forgetting as well as remembering, for me at least- personally and professionally. You must accept the bad with the good, and you must know the grotesque in order to know true beauty... Why would Project Runway be any different?

I never imagined anything would come any easier from my experience on Project Runway. I never have any preconceived ideas of what tomorrow will bring and I'm still excited about the same things I've been excited about since I was a child. I'm truly grateful to have had the experience in my life. That experience and every one that came before it, and every one that will come after it will be the accumulation of ideas and feelings and actions that will illustrate my journey on this Earth. Life is a series of ups and downs. Making the effort and being consistent are keys to becoming a success.

I wish all the best to any and every one of the past contestants who've been through this or similar experiences. Although I don't consider every one I've meet through my experience to be a friend, by no means do I consider them an enemy. I would undoubtedly give assistance to any one of them who asked it of me. I can also understand that it might be frustrating to be anyone else but me from my season of Project Runway- I don't think I need to apologize to anyone for that, but if it helps- I'm sorry.

Everyone will find their way, eventually, as long as they persevere. People will develop differently and at their own pace. I would never be so ignorant as to count anyone out. Possibilities and opportunities are endless. Decide what your goals are and what will make you the happiest, and take steps in that direction. Advice that helps me daily, is honestly the only advice I'd like to give regarding being a more effective human being, and it is the proverb that says: GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. Pretty simple...

You don't need permission from anyone to continue living your dreams. Just be proactive about your career. In the same respect,
NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING. Find happiness in the little things when you become frustrated in life. Never take what people say negatively about you to heart. People who make a career out of that are really just envious and secretly wish they had talent. Of all the anonymous hate mail I've received never once has someone confronted me in person. That's just the downside of human nature.

DO NOT GIVE IN TO DEFEAT. Give yourself time, but never quit! Make yourself happy. KNOW YOUR WORTH. Growth takes time. Your agenda is the most important agenda. Surround yourself with visual stimulation and objects of fantasy.

I learned so much the past 3 years that has enriched my life. I'm happy to have had a moment to type these random thoughts out. I've found little time to document and blog about all the events and work that I'm doing. Somethings got to give... so I'll write again when I can.

I consider myself very fortunate to be where I am in my life right now. I've merely just begun to achieve some of the dreams that I've imagined for myself. My life since the end of Project Runway 2 hasn't slowed down one bit. I know that technically my "15 minutes" started over 2 years ago, but approaching the anniversary of my 33rd year on this planet, my fame is only approaching it's first 30 second mark! The love I receive on a daily basis is overwhelming. I'm forever creating and immersing myself in fulfilling projects. There's a connection to everything I do- Fashion, Music, Film. (It's funny how people want to tell you what you can and can't do. )

It never gets old to hear people rooting for me. (It's something I wish people did for each other more often) In closing, I'd just like to say sure, I've got miles to go before I sleep, but I'm happy, I'm inspired, I'm in love, and every day that I wake up excited to pursue my dreams, I'm SUCCESSFUL!

Here's a link

All the best!
Much Love and Warmest Regards,

Wow, finally an update...this blog's seen less action than Bush's approval rating. But at least we finally get an update. Although this is a re-gifted sort of update because it's posted on Myspace as well. But Santino beggers can't be choosy so I'll take it.

well- that's a rather silly article it sounds like. you're still on my mind even after the show and the fact that you didn't win (which might i add is totally lame).
i really am rooting for you just so that one day i might be able to wear your clothes streamline.
<3 goodluck

This is really inspiring to me. I've been caught at a hardcore crossroad trying to decide being film and creative production or psychology. And really you're right, it's not over until you decide it's over and even then it may not be over completely just died down a little. Your preserverence is inspirational and I hope you continue to make beautiful clothing as the ones I saw on project runway. Good luck to you and thank you for helping clear my mind a little more.

Hi, just watching Project Runway in the Netherlands..... and wrote here that you won't be the winner... I'm flabbergasted, really think your designs are great and you are a unique person.
If your fashion ever shows up in Dutch stores, I will surely buy me some!!!

All the best to you
best regards,

For me the best about the show is that it has given all kinds of people the chance to get to know a little of Santino and be inspired and mesmerized by the beautiful and creative designs he has shown. I know this all sounds a bit cliche, but I just had to write it! As a brazilian, I can confirm Santino has fans all over the world. Too bad though that he hasn't been down here yet!

Im from Ecuador... here Runway Project is still on air in People and arts channel, a think is the 4th time this channel has the show, and I always watch it over and over again. I love it. Your season was better than the first.. Well, I think the show gave you a "name" internationally. I mean , I have friends and sisters who know who you are. A great designer!!! Rebel, but great person. And I know when your designs become very very famous, you wont be a knew name ...because many people know u already. Sorry my english.. xoxo

Wise Santino. You have a way of looking at life that inspires me. You are an amazing artist. You will succeed. Keep us updated...we all want to know what you're doing.
Love to you and your beautiful life.

Funny, I was just wondering what the Season Two folks were up to when this issue arrived in the mail. I think it's wonderful that you've managed to keep doing what fulfills you and stay positive. I don't know if I agree that the end always justifies the means, but I can wholeheartedly cosign that you must stay true to yourself no matter what other people may think or say about you.

Best of luck to you!

hey it´s great that you have a blog! I loved EVERY SINGLE ONE of your designs...all of them are great and you should be really proud of it, the facdt that you didn´t win it´s just really lame...your designs where 100000000 times more creative, artistic and just here in Guatemala we think you should´ve gotten the first price!

i gotta laugh when i remember how upset i was when you didn't win that season. you wuz robbed! lol i remember too that a lot of critics agreed with me. ie chicago tribune etc. you're so talented that i'm not surprised to see how well you've done. and of course you're funny, which is why people remember you as well. but the unexpected kicker, the thing that i feel viewers could sense about you, despite all the zingers, was your underlying integrity and, well, i'll just say it, sweetness. so i particularly enjoyed this blog entry. maybe it has something to do with your mamma. she raised you right! anyway, glad to see you still have your head on straight. it's all about the gratitude thing. ps if i ever get rich and lose weight, two big ifs, i will do something fabulous and commission you to celebrate my triumph! lol

i really want to be a fashion designer one day and you've been so inspiring to me. success won't be easy for me, coming from a third-world country such as Argentina, but i know i will make it, no matter how. ah! and your fame is not over yet :)

Hi santino
i'm 16 years old from peru , when i saw you at first time on project runway i said to myself i'm really like him , how you are and everything i think you was the most talented boys in project runway i don't know why you don't won 'cause i really don't like chloe clothes!
i'm study also for fashion designer and is my first year! cause i really love fashion and i'm very extravagant many people say to me santino 2 cause i'm really like you!
but you got very much talent!! look i have your foto in my heroes!
a lot of kisses!

Dude, do not ever ever feel low about yourself. you are one extremely talented designer. life has not been fair to you. but you will stand out finally. even i can feel fortune is coming your way, from where i am -- shanghai, china. tv has linked many minds worldwide to yours. just keep it up and carry on. if you have a biz plan, send it to me at

I read this and commented on it on MySpace, but until just now, I didn't know you'd posted it here as well. It's nice seeing something new here. I think I'll post the best line from my comment on MySpace, since it is, of course, the definitive word on the subject. (My ever seesawing self-esteem must be on the upswing today. LOL). Here's the line:

"With fame, as with your work, you've turned the whole game on its ear."

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m writing from Brazil! Your final collection was GREAT!!!! The most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen in the project runway… Summarizing in one word: Talent!!!!! Besides that, you gave a smart humor to the last season… mainly with Tim and Andrae!!!! Unforgettable!!!
Certainly, you’ll have a very, very, very shine future!!!! Congratulation and thousand kisses!!!! YOU ARE THE WINNER, THE BEST!!!!!!!

Santino: you rock. I am really inspired by you. Keep doing it

Santino, thanks for the update. I'm happy to hear fame hasn't changed you. You are right, no one can tell you what to do or what you want. Keep your chin up, I feel your day is just ahead.

Hi Santino,
Fame over? In Europe episode 2 is just broadcasted with great succes.
The world is waiting for you!

I just rented Project Runway Season 2 and I watched the whole thing in a span of 3-4 days.

Reasons why I love Santino:
You were by far the most creative one on the show --- the others had contrived or "seen-before" creations. Your ideas are novel.
I really like the concept of bringing in 3rd world motifs to the plate. I hope to see more from you! And keep updating! :) By the way, I know you admitted on camera that you're insecure about your looks, but trust me, in your most recent pictures posted on your blog, your eyes and your facial structure look simply handsome. Hope this comment makes its way to you! Much Love!

I was completely shocked that you did not win...granted though I watched your season a little after the fact via Netflix.

my conclusion: you were ahead of your time. everything you designed has now become extremely fashionable.

I wish you luck and I hope to see you at fashion week again in the future.

Hey Santino: I also emailed this to you...but I wanted others to read this too....."I just watched Project Runway, and after I saw your collection, I had no doubt in my mind that you were the best artist and had the best vision and that you would win by a long shot. To me, there was no competition. When you were being criticized for playing it safe and not fitting the clothes on real bodies, I was freaking out. And, I definitely thought the comment about the collection not having a cohesiveness or something to that affect was totally wrong. Anyone who understands color relationships would understand the genius in what you did. It was simply amazing and thrilling and inspiring for me. Your sensitivity to color and material and form and texture is truly brilliant. I was so disappointed that you didn't win. I thought Chloe's pieces were stiff and uncomfortable and ridiculous, especially that clownish and awkward opening piece. In my humble opinion, I think some of her clothes make women's bodies look absolutely terrible.Though winning would have been cool, do not let it stop you in the least. You are a force, you are hip and you are awesome!!!"

I agree with all of the positive comments the other bloggers from around the world have written here about you. the end, it doesn't really matter what anyone thinks except for you - good or bad. Let your own vision and heart be the light on your path and you will be guarenteed to go far in creating beauty and bringing joy to the people all of the world through your fashions - how glorious they are!
Julie from NYC

I'm actually in the middle of watching Project Runway Season 2 right now (thank you, Netflix), though I caught a rerun of the finale on Bravo a while back.

I have to say I loved your designs; the shapes, colors, and textures blended together really well in your garments. And I'm glad to see you're still working, and that you have a really awesome attitude about it all.

I'm not even in the same creative field, but your words of advice hold true for any of them. It's all about believing in yourself. Because if you really, truly do, then others will take notice and start to believe in you, too.

Keep doing what you love, man. You're awesome at it!

Oh santino!, at last i can post in you blog....i know that i'm supposed to comment about the stuff you write , but it's too late here in chile, so my sigth it's a little bit tired...anyways...i just wanted to tell you that i loooooooooove your work.... and i was really inspired by your work on PR-2, and your sense of humor...c'mon! i didn't understand the bad reaccion of everyone...i loove your jokes *-* your so cool...but a human still xD!

good look and greetings from the far far place of La serena, Chile


thanks for such a thoughtful post. i think everyone, no matter what field they are working in and what path they took to get there, can learn something from your inspiring words. nice to read you again! peace + blessings.

I miss you...I live in rural tennessee and i know i'll never get to LA to one of your shows...and i wear a size 12 so i know I'll never get to wear your clothes...dang it...lisa

Aside from your know what's great with you? It's the ability to keep your feet on the ground and remain real to all this celebrity. Youve learned so much from your experiences, and in effect, an attitude that only someone mature can truly have.
Robbed? Ofcourse, you were. But hey, success is relative. Whatever it is you're into..Im sure you're living your life on own your terms. And with that, what's there to lose?

Yeah this is a late addition, but I'm just getting around to it.

I was just watching the PR finale part one, and I was touched by the story of your past and the fantastic generosity of your friends. This says to me that you are an awesome person. It is hard to know someone from a TV show, because the person that is shown never really is who the person really is.

And the fact that your friends kids seem to love you to death was not lost on me either.

You already know you are talent (designing and singing) and you are obviously intelligent, and oh yeah good looking but you are also a good person.

We are all insecure (especially us Gemini's) but your soul is sensational.

I wish you nothing put more success and happiness dude.

PS, Post more here and on myspace please. I know you're busy, but I love to keep up with what you are doing.


Your comments on the article are truly inspirational & truly make me want to raise my head up & smile instead of just shaking it with furrowed brow at the intense pressure that sometimes comes down on a person with a creative mind. It's hard to live a day to day life when it feels like every day is so mundane & pointless.....but yet, it's so great & amazing just to LIVE isn't it? Life is too damn short to be feeling sorry for oneself that they haven't had success handed to them on a silver thanks for the inspiration!!! you're 1 in a million.


i just saw your season for the first time, and i just wanted to tell you that you're amazing. I'm sorry people weren't always respectful of the fact that you were genuinely talented and honest-- but you were so much more exceptional and special than many of the people around you, i can understand how they could be a little jealous.

i wish you all the success in the world and i am still rooting for you.

i'm an italian girl,
I love you Santino!!!!
you are the best...
i would one yours dress :-)
one kiss whit love...
valentina msn is XD

santino, i just want you to know that i've been a supporter of yours since day one of the show. i still defend you to the haters! i think that you're a master of your craft, and every time that i watch your season on bravo, it just reminds me to be tenacious and keep giving my all in my endeavors. i've had a few rough days lately, but watching the show reminds me to push through others' negativity. i love the positivity, keep doing your thing! -kl :)

Santino, i just watched a marathon on Bravo of the entire season of project runway that you participated in...

i just want to say that i loved your collection, i thought that the change you underwent was remarkable and that you completely pulled off your vision - hollywood 1940's boudoir pieces. It was stunning and i couldn't believe that you didn't win.

When Tim Gunn came to visit you in LA it just gave me a really different perspective on you and I want to say that your story inspired and touched me and I was really moved by it.

I wish you all the best, as a writer who is struggling to get published, your gusto, enthusiasm and perspective really inspired me. I have been through a lot of hardships as well an I admire what you did as a result of yours.

Someday I hope I am wealthy enough to be able to have you design a dress for me =) Until then, all the best to you and never give up, your talent is absolutely incredible and so very obvious. You are a star. Never forget that.

hi santino--

i'm watching a marathon of your season right now, currently the episode before your collection at fashion week (which i remember to be stunning and am looking forward to seeing again!). i think i actually threw something at the TV when you didn't win. when i saw that you lived in LA i had to find you via internet and see if you still exist here-- i am so glad to see you are still doing your thing.
all the best to you-- oona

Santino, Here's to you: STILL serving it on a hot silver platter.

Much love, T in San Fran

hey santino! great stuff. write more.

Very nice blog. I love what you had to say about helping oneself and pursuing one's dream and surrounding onself with visual stimulation. Very inspiring. I wish you the best!

I'm glad you are actually so focused on the joys of life. It doesn't matter if you are living in micro- or macro-scale vis-a-vis the public eye: someone will come along and make it their mission to steal your joy. Good for you for remaining centered. I don't watch much television, but I must say, your season of PR was the first tv show I have watched regularly in my entire life, and that primarily because of you. We work in very different disciplines, but I felt you were one of the most genuine people I've ever seen on television, and seeing someone I related to so profoundly was more appealing than I could ever have imagined. Anyway, I just thought of you today and thought I'd come over and see what you've been up to. I'm thrilled to see you are thriving and and that you are in love-- you deserve to be so. Always remember that the success of this world is illusory and that your real journey is inner and maps the progression of your heart and soul rather than the fickle tastes of popular culture.

You really are marvelously talented, and I hope you find joy and encouragement in every day.
Cheers, m'dear!

Hey Santino,
I just want to say that I appreciate your thoughts on the fame issue, but more importantly your willingness to seek perspective. I'll add to the chorus by saying that you are awesome and transcend any reality TV moment! You keep people interested in your work because it's interesting. I'm glad you used this blog post as a a space for reflecting. Keep your head up!

I would like to buy your clothing. I would wear your stuff. So, after googling you, all I get is bunch of buttons and tshirts? In the Runway show, many of your items were over the top great. Reminds me of Versace.

Bravo to you, Santino! I loved watching you on PR, and I look forward to seeing your clothes on the racks in the future. You are one of the most innovative designers in the three seasons to date.
Best of luck to you.

Santino - Where are you? I miss you soooo much. I am dying to know what you are doing these days. I saw a quick commercial last night on Bravo for the launch of Season 4and you looked hotter than ever. I went to the Bravo site and your site and you are nowhere to be found. Have mercy on your fans, man!

Santino- I so enjoyed watching you on PR. You are a very creative and inspiring designer, as well as an absolutely great person, inside and out!!

Hi Santino,
Just wanted to give a shout-out to my favorite designer on Project Runway shows. I found your blog because I was wondering what was going on in your life these days. I appreciate your thoughts on success, I agree, success is a more internal thing, rather than constant fame/money/power. But I do hope I'll get to wear a dress of your's someday. So I'm sending you my good thoughts and support from Minnesota.

you're really wonderful Santino, I love your style. one day I plan on wearing your awesome designs, so keep up the fantastic work!

you should totally and completely have won that damn season 2! they are insane. you are amazing. deal with it

You will always be famous in my book. You are the shit man!

santino,you're the best!!! i wil only see the show because of you!!! u made it more fun to watch :) you are my winner!!!!

I knew I loved you Santino from watching you "make it work" on Project Runway - but this article about your outlook on life, on human behavior and knowing who you are - every changing and challenging yourself.....mostly what he wants to experience in this lifetime... makes me love you even more than just your designs.

How inspiring to read such an outspoken - crazy charming character can have so much humility all at the same time. The appreciation for life oooozes from your words. I adore you!!! Keep on rockin Santino!!! God Bless you for your humor and talent in living each day you wakeup and breath to take full advantage of all the greatest in life in every way.

I knew I loved you Santino from watching you "make it work" on Project Runway - but this article about your outlook on life, on human behavior and knowing who you are - every changing and challenging yourself.....mostly what he wants to experience in this lifetime... makes me love you even more than just your designs.

How inspiring to read such an outspoken - crazy charming character can have so much humility all at the same time. The appreciation for life oooozes from your words. I adore you!!! Keep on rockin Santino!!! God Bless you for your humor and talent in living each day you wakeup and breath to take full advantage of all the greatest in life in every way.

you are one of the most amazing designers to me. For you and your beautiful work in project run way I started to love fashion. remember that episode when one of the judges started to compare the underwear you made with galliano and i don't remember the rest... and you got so offended! OMG! she was comparing you with some of the greatest designers of our time!! and even they couldn't do what you did the way you did (i don't know if that made any sense at all..)

you made a great impact in my life. so Fame Over? i don't think so... after all these years the only one i remember with a smile on my face is you...

in bocca al lupo!!

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