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Thursday, November 22, 2007 

Andrae and Santino on Reality Remix

Happy Thanksgiving all, Andrae, Erin (who was Tabitha on Bewitched) and I were on Reality Remix, a round-table discussion on fox reality.
watch it at at RealityRemix or play it below.

This was hysterical. You and Andrae are almost like the modern-day Abbott and Costello. As far as I'm concerned, Erin and Kennedy could have gone home and left you two to your own devices.

it's great you are communicating with us again, - we did miss your thoughtful insights and comments -

keep writing - I'll be reading

I loved it...
Man....I love your personality..

When are we going to see your own tv reality show? titled: "It's great to be Santino"

The life and times of a designer

MULTI-MEDIA!!! It's one of the things I've always loved about this blog!

Funny stuff! Always good to hear your laugh! Love & miss you!!! XOXOXOXXX

"Oh, HARDER!" Andrae shrieked as loud as a banshee, as Tim Gunn slammed his throbbing hot mating rod deep within the caverns of his tight little hole. "Tim Gunn, you are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!" he turned his little bald head toward Santino. "Santino, wrap that chiffon around your head, it turns me on." Santino picked up a small strip of chiffon and, within mere seconds, constructed a beautiful dress out of it, using only his teeth as scissors. "Baby, you like that?" he asked after putting it on, turning around slowly to reveal a nice square cut out where his penis was. "Oh Santino," Andrae wailed as his eyes rested on Santino's dark and dangerous pubes. "Take me!"

Tim Gunn, suddenly becoming jealous, slammed shut the bathroom stall door and locked it. "Only I will plunder your chest of treasure, Andrae! only I!"

Santino tried to crawl under the stall door but when his fingers appeared beneath the crack, Tim stamped on them angrily. Santino cried out in pain and stood up, his face expanding a meter wide and big muscles growing on his arms. "YOU WILL NOT DENY ME!" he screeched, his eyes turning yellow and red as he ripped down the stall door with his breasts. Little red lobsters flew out of his mouth and hit Tim in the eyes. "ANDRAE IS MINE!"

OK, that last post reminded me of a bit of Red Lobster-themed fiction I posted on here a long time ago. I tried to find it to re-post, but can't, so... I shall try to re-create it! ---

"This time things will be different," thought Tim Gunn hopefully as he gazed at Andrae across the table at Red Lobster. And different it seemed to be. Unlike their last dinner at the famed dining spot, this one was going beautifully. Far from embarrassing Tim in front of his associates, Andrae was charming the couple's tablemates with witty anecdotes about his adventures in the "Project Runway" workroom.

Everything was going smoothly, when suddenly who should stroll over to the table to say hello, but Andrae's fellow "PR" contestant, Santino Rice. The conversation proceeded in friendly fashion until the usually polite Santino spotted a particularly succulent-looking morsel on Andrae's plate. Overcome with a sudden craving, Santino looked Andrae in the face and loudly shouted, "I...want...

Terrified, Andrae fled the table and ran off to the Men's Room. Tim Gunn's associates gasped in horror. Tim shook his head in despair. And Santino slid into Andrae's now-empty chair and proceeded, with great gusto, to polish off Andre's filet of sole and everything else on the table.

if i had millions of dollars, i would pay you to call me up every morning and say 'what happened to andrae?!' so i would never have a bad day again.

I'm excited to see you're back. Fuck being nice, fuck the 'Fame Over' cover. Everyone and their mom knows who you are now. Anyway, I can't wait to see more from you. If Tila Tequila can get her own reality show, why can't you?


I just got an email from Camel since I was such a Camel-lover.. and you designed a pack!!!!!

How crazy!

Now the thing that sucks.. I quit smoking last Friday. :O

I will probably buy a pack because you made it, but I fear for the cigarettes within.

Life is just too crazy. D:

You're an inspiration to me- your creativity, your eye for progressive-fashion, and your overall passion is something I greatly admire!

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