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Monday, February 23, 2009 

RuPaul's Drag Race Episode 4

Celebrate Life & Keep Going!


Hoping to follow in the footsteps of MAC Cosmetics' First Viva Glam Girl, RuPaul, the Queens make their own Viva Glam screen test.
Special guest include Gordon Espinet VP of Make-Up Artistry at M.A.C. and Supermodel/ Actress- Jenny Shimizu. They join myself, Ru, and Merle Ginsberg on the panel to help judge the girls' drag queen status this week.

Ironically, Jenny Shimizu is one of the most natural beauties I've ever met in-person and supercool to boot! It was such a pleasure getting to know her throughout the day of shooting. We laughed, we cried... Jenny, you're the shit!


How amazing does RuPaul look here? Mama was working it in another Zaldy
creation! This episode was very emotional and I hope it inspires everyone to celebrate life and Keep On Keeping On!

Check out all the extras on LOGO to watch the contestants full Screen Tests as well as the hilarious "Under The Hood" Recap!

"You either need to Step Up, or Check Out!" Ha haaa!

World Of Wonder

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I think you are amazing. Dearest greetings from Finland!

If you click on the "Viva Glam" banner at the top and bottom of this blog entry, you get a version that bigger (and GLAMMER)! Tee hee. I found the Easter egg!!!

You all look amazing!

I adore you.

Hello from New York! You have great pictures and blog design. The show is is very fun to watch.

Hello! Im from Portugal and i see the project runway, i wanna tell you that you are a great great designer, great sense of humor!!
You have a Fan in Portugal :)

Greetings from Greece!
You freaking ROCK Santino. Keep it going man<3

Hello Santino!
I am watching you at Project Runway in Greece (yes, we are a few years back...) and I have become a great fan!
You certainly stood out from the bunch when the show started! Loved your comment to Kors that many know Banana Republic, but maybe not Kors. Ouch! You are fearless and that is why i love ya! ;)
You are a great guy, we have the same age and I'm just sending my vote of confidence.

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