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Thursday, August 20, 2009 

The Stars Are Aligned!

My Birthday & The Premiere Of Project Runway All-Star Challenge On Lifetime!
I'm off to a Viewing party / Birthday celebration that Sweet P has so kindly organized for us.
Jeffrey Sebelia, Sweet P, and I will be joined by all of our extensive friends and family to watch here in L.A.
Thank You Tom & Aaron!
I'm going to try to Twitter as I watch but we'll see how that goes...

Let me know what you thought of the show.
All the best to you all,
& Thank You for all of the birthday wishes!

Much Love & Warmest Regards,

The show was GREAT!

We ALL want the new SANTINO shirts...

Team Santino 2.0

"Grey is the NEW black!" ~ Santino Rice



Curious why you were the only one NOT to go on the stage at the end to congratulate Daniel?

I was happy to see you on the All-Star show, but was disappointed that you weren't on the runway to congratulate Daniel like the rest of the contestants. Why is that?

classic santino....did not disappoint

I love Project Runway and the dress that you designed for Nicky Hilton!

Your work is superb, and you seem to be such an interesting person. I envy those who are close to you.

Shine on you crazy diamond!


I love you. Seriously. Just found your blog after googleling you (does that expression even excist in US, it does in sweden anyway) to see what you're up to these days, so excited to read about it! I have to read it ALL! I'm sitting watching old pr episodes. I would love to wear your figure skating dress!!!!!!!!!!! To school, it's beauiful! Right now: laughing my ass off @ your Tim Gunn impression.

i am your biggest fan in greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw it "project runway" having been broadcasted in Japan and became a great fan.
I am a girl going to the Japanese university.
I want to try English study hard to understand blog of santino more happily.
Please do its best from now on.

I just wanted to say that I like your creativity!!

hugs from a Swedish fan =)

Check out my homepage, and if you need pics of your collection, contact me =)

I wish we could hang out and do Tim Gunn impressions together. You should have won! You'll get them in the end. I'm your biggest NYC fan.

I'm so f'cking gratefull i learned some english at my school. I honestly adore you and laughed my ass off on pr.

Best wishes from Perú :)

I m living in Russia and in our city the chanel mtv started to show the project Runway with your participation. I would like to say that you are very very talented designer. And you are the best. I really appreciate your style and your sincerity. I wish your good luck! You are really the best.
Sorry for mistakes.

dont loose yourself, santino


Santino you are the best disigner! Good luck!

Sorry for being very late with my feedback. I'm from Russia, and our local MTV repeated Project Runway 2 during past month. Just finished watching the last episode.

WTF!!!?? Man, you are the genius. In comparaison with you, other 2 "winner" were dull as hell. Your dresses where at the top fashion level. Actually the girl was OK, but nothing more. but sorry, the other guy's collection looks like any other shit from any department store with stupid details. This "second place winner" reminded me of some high-school amateur art activist.

Looks like anyway you are doing great now with your career! But those judgements were just UNFAIR. You are the best!

From Russia with love,


im from russia and i thought that u are a greatest designer ive ever heard and seen!i was just broken in half when i saw that the winner was not u!its really undeserved!and i was touched by your story..firstly u was a kind of bitchy but then....maaaaan!u are the greatest the genious,and u are the absolute ultimate Santino)
thats pretty cool


Santino, you are just the best. If you visit Saint-Petersburg, Russia call me)

Dude, here in Brazil you´re a success. I love your dresses, your attitude. I´m your fan! For ever.

so much love from Russia
we love U Santino!!

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