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Saturday, November 17, 2007 

Santino Rice Controls The Universe

Welcome to my world... Current soundtrack: Eric B. and Rakim

It's been a long time!
I shouldn't have left you without a strong rhyme to step to.
Think of how many weak blogs you slept through...
Times up,
I'm sorry I kept you!
Thinking of this, you keep repeating you miss, the rhymes from the trendsettin' soloist
And you sit by the internet, hands on the keys, soon
As you see it, pump up the volume!

"Why haven't you been updating your blog?," you're asking. Well, some days I don't have enough time to put on a fresh pair of socks, much less my Spock ears to play Webmaster. Other days, I don't have the motivation to even go near a computer. The thought of wiping my aspirations on the information superhighway (how's that for an outdated phrase) just doesn't compare to actually "living it" and "doing it"! I've said it before-I can't be in front of the camera and behind the camera simultaneously. Not with many dresses to make and events to attend can I sit composing witty paragraphs to accompany all of my photos. I know many of you come back time and time again looking for some new content from me. Thank you for caring! Bear with me, and be satisfied that you caught me on a good day, or a slow day. And, with that said, we're off.

Let's see, what have I been up to since last August??? Urgh... yeah, let's not start it off like that because no one wants to read a 300 page, blog entry. I'll focus on some fairly recent happenings.

Everyone probably saw my new commercial. It was kinda' fun to make, but far too short, and I wish that the director, Glenn Lazzaro, would have been the one that did the final edit, instead of some High School AV class that moonlights at the Bravo Network... WTF? Oh well, if everyone was blessed with my taste level, no one would need designers.

I meet a lot of the Saturn bigwigs in NYC last week, and I know they were happy with the spot. So, I might as well stop beating a dead horse (note to self: Just smile and say, 'It's Neat!'). You probably saw the ad during the premier of Project Runway Season 4 (AKA Project Rami). The people at Saturn asked me to take them to a place that inspired me, so the first place that popped into my mind was The Broad Art Foundation.

This whole experience (I was led to believe) would also be available online, in a ten-minute, extended version; thus providing a much more in-depth look at the Foundation and its appeal. I expected that the longer piece would be done by the time the "teaser" spot aired, but I guess not. Then again, you have to be Stephen "f-ing" Hawking to ferret out the spot on the website. Ideally, someone really skilled is editing the longer piece and taking their sweet time with it. The Broad Art Foundation is really incredible. I wrote a very long piece that's set to accompany the longer spot. I'll let you know if/when the longer ad and my video see the light of day. Of course, you can view the ad again. Just focus on the positives! Here's the direct link... It should be located right next to my blog on the PR site.

PR IV Rethink Design

During the shoot, I kept giving the producers heart attacks, because they had to keep reminding me to keep my hands on the wheel while I was delivering my lines. I'm an expressive guy, what can I say?!? I didn't see what they were worried about. Because of my height, I not only had at least one hand, but also two knees, jammed up against the wheel. Knee steering allows you to keep your hands free to eat 'In & Out Burger' while you're driving-just set the cruise control and hope no school children or baby ducks get in your way. The cramped driver's side interior is a handy feature for people who need to multi-task while driving to and from work in L.A. traffic.

This past Wednesday, I watched the Project Runway premier with an incredible group of people. Jill Soloway hosted Julie Wolfson, Andy Richter, (see "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" on, hilarious) me, and many other guests. I made new friends and got to hear the P.O.V. of a dozen youngsters! I had a great time at the party, you may have already read about it... but if not, you can read all about the evening and a short interview with yours truly at the following link:


I also wanted to share one of my favorite quotes from the interview.

"Yeah I'll tell you what I think. Some people see my honesty as being mean. You just have to roll with that. I'm honest. There are some people I like because of their personality. There are other people I like because of actually what they are saying with clothes. I root for all designers in general. I root for them. Whether they don't have it together right now. Well maybe next month they will. Maybe in five years they will. Maybe in ten years they will and some retrospective that they do will somehow explain everything. The advice I've given to all the designers is that the end will justify the means. Regardless whether Simone was kicked off first. People go home early on the show. It's not the end of the world. Decide what you want to be and be the best you that you can be."

How I've gone from barely blogging to this... I'm remind of my good friend Charity who, with her husband Steve, delivered Quadruplets a few weeks ago back in my home state of Missouri. They already had one son, Aidan, and now they have FIVE! From one to five, yeah... that's how I'm feeling, "Calgon, take me away!" Alright... So, since everyone knows I love blogging so much, and that I've got so much free time on my hands, I decided to take on one more blogging project at Yeah, I was as surprised as you when I was asked to contribute (I can assure you, it certainly didn't come down from the desk of the Almighty Nina Garcia.). Lots of progressive things are happening over at Elle, two major tastemakers are changing the look and feel of Elle by leaps and bounds! Joe Zee and Matthias Vriens (google them) are both now at Elle, and because of them, I'm now a subscriber. Hopefully, they will keep making changes over there (Wink, Wink- Nudge, Nudge!). I'll be giving my insight and perspective on each episode of Season 4 on my Elle blog. Check out this link below, and refer back here if "someone" pulls the plug on it in future installments:

Here's a link to

So much more to say, and so much that I need to revisit now that I have some more help. More on all that, but I will save it for another day. Oh, I'll also be announcing a few surprises in the works for Fall 2008. See you soon.

Much Love,

P.S. Jamey is a married man and his bride is the shit! My brother's back from Asia. My friend Tony just finished a sick film in Canada. I just had a 15-year High School Reunion...Surreal. Don't Forget: Bad Boy's of Runway Part Deux with Jeffrey Sebelia at The University of Rhode Island November 29th!


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